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You are the alchemist of your own life. Uncover your true potential on a journey within where Nature is The Master, Awareness is The Guide, and transformation begins with understanding.

The program integrates  ancient wisdom, simple, yet profound teachings, and lots of fun, to make the Alchemy as colorful and amusing as life just could be. It educates the mind, challenges the body, and motivates the heart.

Alchemy of Yoga is the Art of Transformation where Nature and Sport are the keys for an easy and long-lasting transformation. The program will not only direct you on the path of an active, healthy life, but also reshape your reality by changing your perception about Nature within and around, your body and the world we live in. Embody the change and let Alchemy of Yoga guide you through the elements of transformation. Let it open you up for the beauty and the wisdom of the Mother Earth, and make you fall in love with existence.

By moving everything begins to change therefore the Alchemy includes several outdoor activities; morning walk, hiking, swimming, bicycling, or paddle boarding. You will be introduced different types of discipline such as Meditation, Pranayama, Qi Gong, Pilates, however the foundation of the program is Yoga. The Yoga’s transformation power will give you the breakthrough to experience every part of yourself on a whole new level.

It is a five day method based on the five elements (Earth-Air-Water-Fire-Ether) which relates to the 5 pillars of the Alchemy (Nature-Breath-Flow-Love-Awareness). Every day you will learn about one specific element, and all the daily activities from the morning reading to the lecture, from the meditation to the yoga or the evening movie all were designed to deepen your knowledge and put it in practice.

Change has never been easier. Come and experience every part of yourself on a whole new level.

Discover your true nature, connect with the power within, and turn your life into the joy a being. Be the Alchemist of your life and start to live rather than just exist.

The Alchemy of Yoga is accessible to anyone from any background looking for total physical, mental and emotional transformation.  Click on any of the 5 elements for further information about the method.


When we think about healing and staying healthy we usually do not think about our relationship with Mother Earth. While all the ancient traditions were in sync with the natural environment, due to the concerns of the modern life, we are distracted from her, what could be responsible for the loss of well-being.  This broken connection is reflecting in the shallowness of the relationships, in the missing harmony and aimless wanders in people’s lives. As the first and most important step of the Alchemy, we reconnect with Mother Earth, invite her healing power into our life, and discover the hidden treasure which lies in the Nature.  Nature grounds you to a certain extent where transformation is just a breath away.

prana  AIR – TO BREATH

The breath is life, yet we often fail to pay attention to it. When was the last time you watch your breath? Have you ever realized the link between your emotions and your breathing pattern? Have you ever tried to control your mind through your breath? Let’s give a try. Learning about different Pranayamas, you will experience its countless benefits, while engaging in outdoor activities, you will feel and see the blessings of the fresh air on your skin.




The most profound lesson we can learn from the water is to flow, to keep moving without resistance. More than 60% of our body is water, so after we learned to control the mind through the breath, we will shift our focus to the body understanding its flow. By moving, everything begins to change. We will challenge our body in various activities which are meant to prove that  sport not only tones and strengthens the body and mind, but also can be used as a remedy for any disruption and difficulties we need to face with.


loveheartbirds   FIRE – TO LOVE

The master key for the Alchemy is Love. The single most important energy on earth, what merely itself is able to transform everything into gold. As all religion unites in love, we also need to integrate our nature-mind-body connection with the most powerful force of the Universe. To find the source of love within, to learn how to use it to shape our reality and to make our dreams come true, is what the Alchemists of Yoga will master on this day.




Ether or Akasha is the element which gives meaning to the other four. Without Ether, Earth, Air, Water, and Fire do not exist. Awareness is the Ether in the Alchemy of Yoga which integrates all our knowledge. Timeless truths, Oneness, universal value of Dharma, the natural laws of Karma will be unfolded on the last day as the essence of the workshop based on the ancient Vedanta philosophy.