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I was born into a family where my aunty walks on fire, my mother heals with hands, and my little brother greats the long-deceased grandfather’s spirit during a Christmas ceremony, so I believe my spiritual legacy determined my future. I graduated as Bachelor of Economist but my spiritual interest never ceased to stop and drove me to the holistic path. After the university I turned towards Natural Arts of Healing and have been developing my knowledge ever since. My continuous thirst for knowledge made me travel around the globe with the goal of learning every discipline at their origin. India, Nepal, Thailand, Bali, Cambodia were important stations in my life, not only in terms of acquiring ancient wisdom and healing therapies, but in terms of self-discovery as well.

Since the age of 3 the sport has always been dominant in my life and I have been using it as a remedy for every heartache and difficulties I needed to deal with.  Having been a gymnast who started to train the youths at the age of 14, my way as an instructor was predestined. Beside of Yoga, I am certified in Pilates,  Zumba and Kids Yoga as well.  At first stand I fell in love with Stand Up Paddle boarding (SUP) and became one of the pioneers of SUP Yoga and Fitness. I conducted seminars, SUP yoga shows, having made hundreds of people get on board and fall for this amazing workout. I widened the horizons for yoga further and beside of teaching on the ground or on the water, I started to lead classes also in the air. By clicking on the images below you can find more information about my Fitness background and the specific classes I teach.

Beside of the sport I have a lifelong passion for healing. Since my childhood I have been playing with energies. I studied Ushui Reiki, Prana Nadi, Bioenergetic as well Crystal healing, and I also acquired knowledge in Numerology and Tarot reading. Believing that energy healing is more powerful when it is combined with physical healing, I started to learn different massage techniques. In 2008 I began my journey throughout Asia on the pace of Yoga and Natural healing looking for authentic places to learn. Yoga and Pranayama from a 90 year old Ayurvedic doctor in Puttaparthi,  Thai Massage in Watpo, Relief symptom massage and Aromatherapy from a well-known medicine man in Koh Samui, meditation in monasteries and ashrams around Thailand as well as India, Ashtanga yoga in Mysore, Ayurvedic treatments and Vedanta philosophy in a remote Indian village, were all part of my journey.

Although I was traveling a lot, I have always been deeply connected to my Hungarian roots. I follow the path of Taltos, the ancient Hungarian healing tradition which also gives the framework to my Alchemy of Yoga program. I believe  we can learn more from the Nature than from any human beings, and the key for the harmonious life is to be in sync with Mother Earth and follow the laws of nature. Nature is our Master, and we humans are its reflection. To get to know it better, leads  us closer to our true nature also.  I am keen to help people recognize the virtues, the talent, the beauty of the Mother Earth and to guide them back to her.

Although my passion became my profession training people around the globe, I don’t believe in teaching. What I believe in is sharing our love and experience what we excel in. I dedicated my life to set a role model of following our heart and pursuing our passion. I think it is the only way to a happy and wonderful life. I would love to be your guide during your journey into power, balance, health, and harmony. All these treasures lies already within you, you  just need to find back to it and enjoy your journey. Namaste.