Being a Fitness Professional I always guided people towards the healthy, active lifestyle and assist them to build the body they were dreaming of. However to look good and feel good do not always go together. In the modern world when the “militarization of the fitness trends” are followed by many, people fail to grab the essence of working out; no matter how fast you go or how fit you look, the bottom line is, are you having fun?

My never ceasing spiritual quest directed me to the holistic path and my journey throughout Asia transformed my whole life. Encounters with philosophies, yoga gurus, spiritual leaders along with my journey inward made a shift in my inner view point which evoked the transformation in and around me. Deep and true changes come from the inside out, not the other way around. You can’t transform your body without transforming your mind. Long lasting changes never happen just by going on diet, altering our action or repeating affirmations. You need to go to the roots and not only to address the symptoms. Diets change the eating patterns but not the eater. Affirmations change the thoughts but not the thinker. Willpower holds the negative actions in check for a while but does not ultimately change the doer. You need to go beyond than just altering what you do. You need to change your perception. By shifting the inner viewpoint, your whole world will transform.

I will guide you through the elements of transformation. I would like to open the doors to a new quality of life. Whatever we practice together; Yoga, Pilates, Stand Up Paddling, healing or massage therapy, I will always encourage you to “think less and feel more”.

To create joy and produce happiness is my mission. I do not believe in punishing the body. You need to enjoy what you are doing. I do not teach you meditation. I will show you how to enjoy the silence. I do not only get you moving. I plant the seeds of love of sport into your heart. I take you further than just connecting you with Nature. I want you to fall back in love with Mother Earth.

Should you be ready to experience a quality shift in your life, I would recommend you my Alchemy of Yoga program. In the Alchemy of Yoga I  translate the ancient wisdom into the modern world’s language. I designed a method which has the power to transform your whole being; on each and every level including physical, mental, spiritual. The Dalai Lama says “The purpose of our life is to be happy”,  and I am convinced that we have come to the earth to live fully and enjoy every moment.   I will wake you up to the beauty of our planet and show you how to appreciate your every breath on the earth. Sport and Nature are the keys to an easy, colorful, and long-lasting transformation which is full of fun.

 With the Alchemy of Yoga change has never been easier. Come and experience every part of yourself on a whole new level. For further details click on the elements of the program. Would you like to join in one of the upcoming retreats, check out the schedule.

“You transform all who are touched by you.” Rumi

You transform