“Yoga is like music. The rhythm of the body, the melody of the mind, and the harmony of the soul. Create the symphony of life.”


The sport has always been dominant in my life and since my childhood I have been using it as a remedy for every difficulty and negative feeling I need to deal with. At the age of 3 I started with ballet, then I did rhythmic gymnastics, after I became a gymnast for more then 14 years. Beside of gymnastic I also was part of the very first professional aerobic team of my country.

As a child I shared my time between the gym and the stable, having been crazy and deeply in love with horses. I have been riding ever since but I did vaulting (gymnastic on the horseback), also was studying dressage and horse jumping as well. As an adult I approach horse riding more from its therapeutic side, studying and testing equine therapy on children.


I have never liked to be indoor and always been restless exploring nature, galloping on the fields, climbing mountains, hiking, cycling down the hills. Even as a Yoga instructor I have always been looking for new spots for my sessions. Practicing yoga and meditation at extreme locations like on the top of rocks, on abandoned construction sites, at remote beaches, yet on the top of the ocean (SUP yoga), or in a hammock in the air (Ariel Yoga); there has always been an extra twist that I add to my classes.


My love for Yoga started on a rooftop in India with an 86 year old Ayurveda professor  in 2008. Although I was practicing many different disciplines including Martial Arts, such as Capoeira and Muay Thai,  I believe that Yoga is the most powerful workout among all, since it affects not only the physical body, but also our mental and emotional states. During my travels on the pace of Natural Healing, I found Yoga also to be one of the most efficient healing therapies where everyone becomes their own Master.

Beside of Yoga I am certified instructor of Pilates, Zumba, and Kids Yoga. You can find more information about my classes below.

E.8.Through Yoga I succeeded to change my life and found the purpose in it.  Since I have installed its ancient wisdom into my daily life, I have been experiencing its blessing every day. I am not only living happier, healthier and more balanced, but also learned to trust my inner strength and appreciate every moments of life. Yoga teaches to control the body, mind, and emotions, and Yoga’s transformation power lies in harmonizing these 3 levels.


Pilates dramatically transforms the way your body looks, feels, and performs. By emphasizing proper breathing, correct spinal and pelvic alignment and complete concentration on smooth, flowing movement, you become aware how your body feels, where it is in space, and how to control its movement.

Yogalates – It is a total system of mind and body healing combining the flexibility and meditative aspects of yoga with the muscle strengthening and toning benefits of Pilates.

Yoga Dance – A holistic movement method where we use the music to move beyond consciousness, into our wild, free spirit. Opening the class with moving meditation, followed by flow yoga helps the dancer to reach inner stillness. “Don’t suppress your dance in order to play some role! Be yourself!”


Contact Yoga – Contact is a form of partner yoga that focusing on the true definition of yoga: union. It helps to explore that mysterious and dynamic edge where two people connect physically, emotionally, spiritually.

Zumba – Zumba is a dance-fitness program which involves aerobic elements. The exercises include music with fast and slow rhythms, as well as resistance training. It is an exhilarating experience when getting fit and releasing stress has never been easier.


SUP Yoga –  I widened the horizons for yoga, leading classes not only on a mat, but on a board in the ocean as well in a hammock in the air. Click on SUP Yoga for more information.

Aerial Yoga – It is a new fitness technique that was inspired by traditional yoga, which combines the traditional yoga poses with aerial art, pilates and dance with the use of hammock. Aerial Yoga revolves around counteracting gravity and you use your own bodyweight for the stretchingClick on Aerial Yoga for more information.

Baan Rak Talay (Panacea)