SUP12_dy3_d3_8278I am a non-conformist yoga teacher who’s always looking for special locations for the practice. I never liked to be indoor. I like to be outdoor and around the water. I have always been in continuous search for new spots for my yoga session; hiking, climbing, exploring the nature on my island paradise, Koh Samui. I was practicing on the top of rocks, at abandoned construction sites, or on deserted beaches. I did not mind to climb rocks, fences or kayaking long distances to reach the right spot. On the contrary,  these adventures highlighted my daily practice.

Although I am an untamed dreamer and always had strong desire to do yoga close to the water, I have never ever  imagined doing yoga on the water. I love the ocean and my life revolved around it. Since I was living on an island surrounding with water all around, I had great opportunity to develop a deep and loving relationship between me and the sea. I used to admire her immensity, observe her motion, play with the waves or just listen to her sounds. I believe in the healing power of the ocean. Using this power consciously we are able to uplift our energy level and negative emotions can be alleviated from loneliness to hangover.

Enf 2All in all I do believe that I was naturally gravitated towards SUP. It was love at first stand and my first paddling had such enormous impact on me that a few months later I opened my own center, the first one in Thailand which was specialized in SUP Yoga & Fitness Center. I became one of the pioneers of SUP collaborating with the leading brands in promoting Paddle boarding worldwide,  conducted seminars, SUP yoga shows, and as a highlight of my SUP promotional work, I hosted Enfusion reality show giving workshop to the best Muay Thai fighters of the world.

I introduced paddle boarding to hundreds of people. All of them were very enthusiastic and enjoyed it as much as I do. I have never before seen a water sport where you can learn so fast. And I have never seen a sport where you are having so much fun while you strengthen and tone your whole body.

Paddle boarding is the fastest growing water sports conquering  more and more people every year. It has a huge potential for everyone regardless age or physical condition. SUP has various types and everyone can find which suits them the most.

Sometimes I go out with my girlfriends for a relaxing paddling. Sometimes we just sit and chat and adore the sunset from the middle of the ocean. Sometimes we do racing or we go for tours either to the next door islands or to explore deserted beaches. I teach fitness on board which is a cross-training applying different paddle techniques and conditioning the whole body with push ups, sit ups and squats.

And I teach yoga of course. My yoga was  always tempted by the ocean and finally I am doing it on the water. SUP yoga is the fusion of  yoga and surfing. Experience the blessings of yoga and the healing power of the ocean. Yoga in the middle of the ocean where the ocean provides the perfect venue and vibe for the journey within! Beautiful experience and a bold new way to get in shape.

A kobraPaddling create an amazing feeling of freedom, relaxation, flow. It strengthens the upper body while balancing engages the whole core, the butt, the upper thighs. It helps you to achieve new levels of balance, core stability and stamina. To perform yoga on a moving surface you will be firing more muscles than  you thought you ever had.  However yoga is more than a physical training having an effect on our emotional and mental state also. It relaxes the mind and the senses as well as brings you closer to your inner being. Sup yoga is a great opportunity to find your way back to the natural balance in your life what we all was born with. Can you imagine those feeling when you soak up the sunshine, watch the clouds and rock gently with the ocean on your board during Savasana?

Come and explore new dimension of yoga. I can’t wait to share my passion with you. I want you to experience it,  taste it and make it to your own.

Where the lands end and the ocean tempts is where you can find me in. Namaste.

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SUP Yoga & Fitness on the Costa del Sol

  • PaddleSurf Marbella @ Seasoul beach club   –   Iberostar Coral beach Marbella

Wednesday 8 pm, Friday 8 pm

  • Freedom Watersport enfrente Puro beach  –  Laguna village, Estepona

Book your board in advance @ +34603632161 or