“Let us not be satisfied with just giving money. Money is not enough, money can be got, but they need your hearts to love them. So, spread your love everywhere you go.”  Mother Teresa 

yoga seva

Having experienced the blessings of yoga in my own life, made my passion to be my profession. I dedicated my life to spread the message of Yoga everywhere I go. As an instructor I feel my duty to transmit my knowledge also to those who hardly could afford a session. Having trained people from all around the world, I witnessed the break through in their lives due to the practice. We are all connected with every living being. Understanding this timeless truth makes you recognize the importance of serving and shifting other human beings up. People from the lower society rarely have chance to encounter with Yoga although it would be a great help to ease their struggles in the battlefield of life. To pass on the discipline which has the potential to transform lives and open new horizons is the less and the most what a yoga instructor could do to serve the society. Practicing asanas, introducing meditation and the power of the mind, teaching visualization techniques could bring the hope of the brighter future also to the less fortunate ones.

joga seva1As Visiting Master I spent some time with Hilton Shillim in India. Shillim is an unexplored village remotely tucked away in the quietness of the Western Ghat, 3.5 hour drive from Mumbai. I was living and working within a 5 star property but once I left the hotel the life on the country side in India was revealed. The contrast was very sharp. On one of my walks outside of the Hilton property, I bumped into the director of the local school heading to the temple in the heavy rain along with about 250 students. I joined them in their puja and we did the ceremony together. During our way back I realized that some of the children walk 2 hours every day to get to the school, many of them without shoes or umbrella. Both students and teachers were interested in Yoga but they have never had a chance to try it. I was happy to teach a class for them which was held in the garden of the school. That was not an ordinary session. About 150 students and 8 teachers were practicing with me.  In the beginning I introduced them basic meditation technique then we got connected with Mother Earth. We did basic asanas, I gave lecture on prayer, and I finished the session with talking about the power of the dreams.  The genuine smiles and the shinning eyes of the children along with the grateful look of the teachers proved this time also that Yoga has the power to transform. I believe the session did not only transform one day from their lives. In the form of dreams I  gave the magic wand into the little hands to shape their future according to the desire of their heart. Amen.

September, 2014, Shillim, Pune, Maharasthra, India