Dr. Oz

Dr. Oz gives the medical support for Six Senses’ new project called Integrated Wellness. Six Senses developed an integrated approach to health and wellness where analyzing key physiological biomarkers of health gives the foundation for a personalized wellness program.  Six Senses have been working with some of the most highly respected doctors and wellness professionals from around the world on the new concept. I am honored to be elected to introduce and implement Integrated Wellness at one of the 2 locations in Europe.

July, 2015. Puente Romano, Marbella,Spain


Saudi Arabia


On my new adventure in Europe I became the personal trainer of princess Lulu. Straight after our first session, her husband, Faisal bin Salman, the prince of Saudi Arabia also signed up for my trainings. I was working with the royal family for one months at their summer residence in Marbella. Our program included wellness coaching, nutritional advice, cardio and weight training, but we practiced Yoga, Pilates, meditation, occasionally even Muay Thai.

August, 2015. Al Riyadh, Marbella, Spain




Mr. Chatrapati is the king of Maharashtra and the descendants of Shivaji, India’s greatest warrior. He is famous of his social work all around India. His wife believed I changed her life after completing my 4 days program in Hilton Shillim. I do believe that everyone is their own Master however changing the people’s perception about their body, about how they feel, move, live with and within it could be powerful indeed. Lovely memories from Shillim

July, 2014. Hilton Shillim, Pune, Maharashtra, India


hiltonI was invited to India to work together with Hilton on their latest Spa project. Shillim Spa is one of the most comprehensive Spas in Asia which got several recognition including the Best New Spa or the Best Luxury Wellness Spa in Asia. I was collaborating with Shillim Spa as a Spa and Wellness consultant to advance the Spa to next level, meanwhile as a Visiting Master I introduced the guests new Fitness trends such as Pilates, Yogalates, and Zumba, as well as I provided lifestyle consultancy, and energetic healing therapies.

June, 2014. Hilton Shillim, Pune, Maharashtra, India



daniel sam (2)

As a personal trainer specialized in Yoga and mental coaching I always wanted to show the world how effective Yoga could be as part of the training of a world class athletes. I have been practicing Muay Thai myself for years and training fighters in peak performance always got my upmost interest. I believe that Yoga and meditation are untapped resources in the Martial Art’s world. Integrating these disciplines in the preparation of the professional fighters along with ancient breathing control practice (Pranayama) could significantly improve their performance.

With Daniel Sam, Muay Thai World Champion, September, 2013, Koh Samui, Thailand



Enf 2With Wendell Roche, heavy weight Muay Thai World Champion and kickbox legend during the Enfusion reality show.

I collaborated with Enfusion on the tropical island of  Koh Samui by hosting one of the challenges of reality show. Enfusion is a famous Muay Thai Association which apart from organizing fight events, also does reality shows broadcasted in over 80 countries with the world top fighters  who are known as the best in their country. Giving a workshop in Stand Up Paddle boarding (SUP) to the participants and being broadcasted all over the world was remarkable work to promote SUP worldwide.

Enfusion Reality Show, September, 2013, Koh Samui, Thailand